Weighty Words Paperweights

A gift that's worth the weight. Help make someone's desk a bit more fun to spend eight hours at (if only!). One glance at this inspirational paperweight may just be enough to power them through that next trying task. Each paper-weight is 4" x 3". These jade crystal hand etched paperweights come in a gift box. Paperweights are available to order in multiples of 3. weighty word paperweights
bet the boss things to do pile to file
   PW-3201  be the boss    PW-371X  things to do    PW-3868  pile to file
deal with it top secret pile you da man
   PW-3833  deal with it    PW-3728  top secret pile    PW-385X  you da man
historic documents    
   PW-3914  historic docs